Rustic Deer Wedding Invitations

Celebrate the special day with rustic deer wedding invitations. Featuring a hand-drawn illustration of a deer and birch trees, these lovely invites are perfect for an outdoor or nature themed wedding.

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Rustic Elegance for a Special Occasion – Deer Themed Wedding Invitations

The big day is approaching, and our rustic deer wedding invitations are just what you need to get the party started! These elegant invites, which feature a hand-drawn illustration of a deer and birch trees, will make it clear that your celebration will take place outside or in a natural setting. As they open their invitation and prepare for a beautiful day in the great outdoors, guests will be delighted by your distinct style. You can ensure that everyone knows what to expect when they come to celebrate with you by using these lovely stationery designs.

Deer wedding invitations have become increasingly popular among couples who are looking to add a rustic or nature-inspired touch to their wedding celebration. Whether you’re planning a cozy winter wedding or an outdoor summer ceremony, these invitation templates offer something for everyone. Here, we’ll explore some of the different themes available and highlight some of the best products on offer.

Rustic Woodland Charm

For couples seeking a cozy and intimate celebration, these deer-themed invitations offer rustic woodland charm. Here are some product options worth considering:

  • Deer Heart String Lights Rustic Wood Wedding: This invite features heart string lights and elegant deer motifs set against a backdrop of rustic wood.
  • Elegant Deer Heart Rustic Wood Wedding: This stationery design is similar to the one mentioned above but has a more refined look with its elegant heart-shaped deer motif.
  • Brown Paper Inspired Wildflower Deer Wedding: This invitation features wildflowers and delicate foliage adorning the corners of a brown paper-inspired background with a beautiful deer illustration in the center.

These designs are perfect for couples who want to embrace the charm of the great outdoors on their wedding day.

Enchanting Forest Scenes

For those who love the magic of an enchanted forest, the Forest Sunset Deer Wedding invitation is perfect. With stunning scene artwork of a deer silhouetted against a sunset amidst towering trees, this invitation captures the natural beauty and romance of an outdoor wedding, making it ideal for nature lovers.

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian chic has become increasingly popular in recent years as a style that embraces natural elements and free-spirited vibes. These boho deer-themed invitations capture this aesthetic perfectly with their whimsical floral designs and antler motifs. Here are some product options worth considering:

  • Rustic Boho Floral Stag Antlers Wedding Invite: This template features a beautiful bohemian floral design with antlers that give it a charming, rustic touch.
  • Boho Deer Antlers White Canopy Rustic Wedding: This wedding stationery design has a crisp and clean white background with elegant deer antlers and foliage providing a natural texture.
  • Rustic Country Floral Boho Wedding Guest Details Enclosure Card: Adding an enclosure card to your invitation suite is an excellent way to provide additional information for the guests. This enclosure card provides space for guest details while having a stunning rustic country floral design with antlers.

These designs are perfect for couples who want to embrace a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere on their wedding day.

Winter Wonderland

Winter weddings have their unique charm with open fires and blankets. This winter wonderland-inspired invitation features beautiful deer artwork set against snowflakes on a rustic wood background, capturing all the enchantment that comes with tying the knot during wintertime.

Elegant Simplicity

For those looking for something elegant yet simple, this Cute Deer Floral Crest invite offers a sophisticated design with a touch of whimsy. The minimalist style of the invitation allows the bold deer crest and delicate floral accents to really pop, making it perfect for couples who want a timeless invitation that will never go out of style.

Paper Types

To ensure that your wedding stationery looks and feels just right, it’s essential to choose the right type of paper. Here are some popular options and their specifications:

Signature Felt White

Produced in the USA by Mohawk Fine Papers, signature felt white paper has a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. Like the canvas of a fine watercolor, the Signature Felt White is thick and textured with an embossed woven finish. The velvety feel and brilliant white color create an artsy backdrop for your special announcements.

Signature Laid

Produced in the USA by Neenah Inc., signature laid paper has a thickness of 16.5 points and weight of 100 lb/270 GSM. Featuring a richly crafted ribbed texture from the art of watermarking, our Signature Laid boasts unparalleled craftsmanship. Enrich your invitations and announcements with Laid’s bespoke look and feel, reminiscent of the first handmade paper.

Signature Felt Ecru

Also produced in USA by Mohawk Fine Papers, signature felt ecru paper has a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. Slightly rustic with the finesse of fine art, the Signature Felt Ecru is similar to high-quality watercolor paper. A warm cream hue adds to its velvet-to-the-touch, textured feel.

If you’re a nature lover or have a rustic aesthetic, deer-themed wedding invitations can be a perfect choice to set the tone for your special day. But if you’re looking for complementary wedding themes that are related to deer, here are some ideas to consider:

Forest Enchantment

Whether you choose deer illustrations or antler motifs for your invitations, the forest theme can be expanded upon in various ways. Embrace the enchanting atmosphere of the woods by incorporating mossy greens, rustic wood elements, and fairy lights into your decorations. Opt for natural accents like ferns, pinecones, and wooden signage to create an immersive forest experience for you and your guests.

Rustic Elegance

Deer wedding invitations can also lend themselves well to a rustic yet elegant theme. Combine the charm of woodland creatures with refined details such as lace overlays, vintage china, and delicate floral arrangements. Earthy tones like muted greens and browns complemented by soft pastels will add sophistication and warmth to your overall design.

Bohemian Whimsy

Embrace a bohemian vibe by incorporating dreamcatchers, macrame hangings, and wildflowers into your wedding decor. Pair deer imagery with feathers and tribal patterns on your invitations to set the stage for this whimsical theme. Use eclectic furniture pieces such as vintage rugs, low tables with floor seating, and mix-and-match dinnerware for a relaxed yet artistic atmosphere.

Winter Wonderland

If you’re planning a winter wedding, why not embrace the magic of snow-covered forests? Pair deer motifs with cool blues and shimmering silvers on your invitations to evoke a sense of tranquility and wonder. Incorporate elements like faux furs, icicle-like crystal decorations, and white twinkle lights throughout your venue. You could even offer cozy blankets and hot cocoa to your guests as they enjoy the winter wonderland ambiance.

Romantic Garden

Combine the elegance of deer-themed invitations with a romantic garden theme that features abundant flowers, lush greenery, and delicate lighting. Opt for soft pastel colors like blush pink, lavender, and baby blue in your decor. Use floral patterns, tulle drapery, and fairy lights to create a dreamy atmosphere reminiscent of an enchanted garden.

Remember that these themes can be customized to suit your personal style and preferences. Incorporate your favorite elements into each theme and bring your vision to life. Whether you choose a forest enchantment or a bohemian whimsy theme, deer wedding invitations will set the stage for a memorable celebration of love amidst nature. Deer-themed wedding invitations can serve as a starting point for various wedding themes that incorporate nature, rustic charm, elegance, whimsy, or romance. By exploring different styles such as forest enchantment, rustic elegance, bohemian whimsy, winter wonderland, or romantic garden themes, couples can infuse their weddings with unique touches that reflect their personalities and create an unforgettable experience for themselves and their guests. Whichever theme you choose—be it inspired by the beauty of the woods or the magic of snow—in the end, it’s about celebrating your love story in a way that feels authentic to you.

Downloadable Invitations

Opting for a downloadable invitation allows for instant access to your chosen design. No more waiting for shipping or worrying about lost mail. With just a few clicks, you can have your invitations ready to print from the comfort of your own home. Downloading your invitations saves time and money. You won’t have to spend extra on shipping costs or wait in line at a print shop. Plus, with the ability to edit and customize the text yourself, you can make changes quickly and easily without having to go through a middleman.

Lastly, choosing a downloadable option is eco-friendly. By eliminating physical paper waste and reducing transportation emissions, you’ll be doing your part in minimizing environmental impact.

These deer-themed wedding invitations offer something for everyone who wants to add nature-inspired charm to their special day. We have explored five different themes featuring some beautiful examples that capture these aesthetics perfectly – Rustic Woodland Charm, Enchanting Forest Scenes, Bohemian Chic, Winter Wonderland and Elegant Simplicity. Additionally, we outlined some of the best paper options to help you create a beautiful and memorable invitation suite that reflects your unique personality and style.

“A Deer’s Tale”

When it comes to wedding invitations, the right ones can set the tone for your big day. Rustic deer wedding invitations with a hand-drawn illustration of a deer and birch trees are ideal for a nature-themed wedding. As with any type of stationery design, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a purchase. Let’s take a look at both sides of the rustic deer invitations debate.


  1. Unique Design: A rustic deer wedding invitation stands out from other traditional designs due to its unique hand drawn illustrations, which distinguishes it from other graphic-heavy invites on the market today.
  2. Timelessness: The classic elements in this design will never go out of style, so you don’t have to worry about your guests thinking that your invites look outdated come time for your big day.
  3. Nature Theme: These rustic deer wedding invite designs add a touch of nature to your event while providing an elegant feel that your guests will not soon forget.


  1. Limited Customization Options: Because these types of designs rely heavily on pre-made artwork and layouts rather than personal photos or text layouts chosen by you and your partner-to-be, customization options may be limited.
  2. Not For Everyone: If you’re looking for something more modern or minimalistic, these rustic deer wedding invitation themes might not fit the vibe you’re going for during your big day!

Finding the Perfect Deer-Themed Wedding Invitation

The Deer Theme: A Wedding Trend With a Long and Deep Tradition Intertwined With Love

Deer weddings have quickly become one of the most popular and unique wedding trends in recent years. The roots of this trend can be traced back to the combination of Western ideas and values with traditional Native American rituals. This unique approach to weddings frequently incorporates elements of nature and an intimate rustic charm that many couples find appealing. While some may dismiss this trend as frivolous or outlandish, there is an intriguing story behind its rise in popularity.

If you want to do something different and rustic, a deer wedding may be the way to go! A deer wedding celebrates your love in an intimate setting with beautiful decorations that reflect the beauty of nature. There are so many ways to incorporate deer into your wedding, from white doe centerpieces to stag cake toppers! This unique theme can be captured and enhanced with the right wedding invitations.

Look for stationery that reflects your style as a couple while also highlighting one of these delightful themes when selecting invitations for your deer wedding:

  1. Woodland FoliageThe vegetation of wooded areas
    • Use greenery, leaves, and trees creatively throughout your stationery design to evoke the natural feel of the outdoors. Choose an invitation with illustrative drawings of autumn leaves or pine needles set against earthy colors like browns, greens, burgundies, and oranges, for example.
  2. Watercolor Artwork – Paintings and drawings executed in watercolor
    • Add some whimsical artistry to your invitations by using watercolors of delicate florals or soft animal silhouettes (including deer). You can use pink or baby blue to achieve an ethereal look that is ideal for any romantic occasion!
  3. Rustic LetterpressLetterpress with a rustic and country theme
    • Letterpressed cards with embossed antlers or illustrations of evergreen forests layered over thick cardstock paper in ivory or light gray are classic yet timeless. This combination adds subtle sophistication without sacrificing the organic appeal!
  4. Calligraphy DetailingDecorative elements done in calligraphy
    • Include handwritten details on each invitation using classic calligraphic fonts in gold or silver foil writing to instantly elevate and sophisticated your stationery suite. Don’t forget to include cute messages at the bottom of each card, such as “love is in the forest”!

Whatever type of invitation you choose, keep in mind that they should all have one thing in common — your love story — to ensure that every guest understands how important their presence is to you both on this special day! When it comes time to send out those invites, don’t forget to personalize them as well; use meaningful love quotes from literature or poetry that fit perfectly within the theme of a countryside wedding celebration.

Opting for a deer wedding theme may appear difficult at first, but it does not actually have to be; simply focus on what makes you two unique as a couple while selecting the right invitations that best match this rustic motif. Whether you personalize them with heartfelt words or choose intricate designs with outdoor elements like foliage and wildlife artwork, let your imagination lead you to something truly unique so no detail is overlooked before saying I Do!

A Closer Look at the Growing Trend of Deer Wedding

A fusion of traditional Native American ceremony practices with contemporary ideas and values from the West lies at the foundation of this movement. Many Native American tribes held gatherings known as “deer dances” or “deer ceremonies,” the purpose of which was to bring peace and unity between two families who were joining in matrimony. These types of gatherings were held in honor of the deer. During these rituals, the focus was on rejoicing, being generous, and showing reverence for the natural world. Shells, feathers, and antlers were used as symbols to represent various facets of the marital relationship. Although these traditional rituals were initially carried out only by certain indigenous communities during particular times of the year, over the course of time, they eventually became widespread across North America.

The more up-to-date iteration of the traditional Native American practice of having a deer at the wedding incorporates some of the traditional symbols into a ceremony that has a much more modern feel to it. Couples now incorporate natural elements such as wildflowers and even actual deer into their wedding ceremonies, such as antler-inspired cake toppers and decorations. In some areas, local regulations even allow actual deer to be present at these events. These details produce lovely rustic vibes, which contribute to the creation of truly memorable occasions that pay homage to tradition while also embracing an updated appearance.

In general, deer weddings are a fantastic illustration of how ancient customs and contemporary techniques can be successfully combined to produce something that is unique and truly remarkable. These kinds of weddings are sure to leave couples and guests feeling inspired long after they have said “I do!” because of the meaningful symbolism and breathtaking visuals that are incorporated into them.


There are many reasons why I love the rustic style. For one, it has a unique and charming look that can make any wedding feel warm and inviting. It also has a cozy, comfortable charm that makes it perfect for a Summer wedding. Additionally, a rustic theme is often very affordable, since it uses natural motifs that are easy to find and usually don’t cost much.

But most of all I love rustic because it is so versatile and can be adapted to fit any taste or preference. It doesn’t matter if you want an outdoor rustic ceremony or a charming barn themed wedding, there is a rustic style on to fit your needs.

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