Country Style Wedding Invitations

Country wedding invitations are elegant stationery suites featuring rustic elements, delicate florals, and romantic typography for a classic country themed wedding.

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Invitations for a Classically Romantic Country Wedding

Country wedding invitations are the ideal way to express your love and commitment to one another while celebrating a traditional country wedding. Rustic elements, such as burlap or wood grain, are combined with delicate florals and romantic typography in these elegant stationery suites. Whether you go for a simple or intricate design, these lovely invitations will set the tone for an unforgettable celebration of your special day.

Rustic Romance: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Country Wedding Invitations

Country themed weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate in a natural setting with family and friends. When it comes to tying together such a special event, the right stationery can make all the difference. For a classic country-themed event, country wedding invitation suites will include things like: rustic elements, delicate florals, or romantic typography. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages to consider when using country wedding invitations.


  1. One-of-a-kind – The combination of rustic elements, delicate florals, and romantic typography creates stunning designs that are not found anywhere else.
  2. Traditional feel – With their traditional style and look, country themed weddings evoke feelings of nostalgia.
  3. Variety of materials – From paper to wood to metal, there are many different materials available for making these one-of-a-kind invitations that are affordable to everyone.


  1. Limited design options – Due to the limited design options available for country themed weddings, you may not have as much customizability with your invitation suite.
  2. Difficulty in finding matching items – Because they are often one-of-a-kind pieces, it may be difficult to find additional matching items (such as thank you cards, RSVP cards, etc.) that fit the same theme as the original invitations.
  3. Inappropriate for certain venues – Due to the rural nature of this type of invitation, it may not be appropriate for certain formal or sophisticated venues – but if done tastefully, it can still work beautifully!

The Joyful Rise of Country Weddings: A Look at the Background Behind the Trend

Love is in the air as couples around the world are planning their dream weddings, and a popular style among them is a rustic countryside-inspired event. With its emphasis on nature, simplicity, and cozy touches, country weddings have become an increasingly popular choice for couples wanting to celebrate their union in a unique and special way. And while this trend may seem like something new, it actually has its roots in centuries past.

Our invitations for country themed weddings have capture that history perfectly. Love Rustic makes it easy to find the right look while fitting perfectly into your over arching theme. But what do you need to focus on? Not only should you think about how the invitations will fit into the overall look and feel of the wedding you envisioned, but you should also think about how the invitations will relate to one another in terms of the color palette and texture selections – this will help ensure that everything looks perfect together! You are now ready to go shopping for lovely wedding invitations, provided that you keep these tips in mind.

Country weddings draw from traditional elements such as barns, hay bale seating, wooden accents and wildflowers that were present during 19th century farm weddings. Yet today’s weddings combine vintage touches with modern flair so that couples can create their own personalized version of this celebration style. This allows brides and grooms to pay homage to their ancestors while still making their day feel contemporary — something attendees will never forget!

Another great thing about country weddings is that they can take place anywhere — from sprawling fields to historic barns or even someone’s backyard. Plus, with lower costs than other wedding styles due to decorations and an intimate atmosphere, these celebrations are perfect for budget-savvy couples who want to keep things low-key yet stunningly beautiful.

Even if you don’t live close to the countryside, you can easily bring the outdoors inside your venue by utilizing natural elements like potted plants or twinkling lights hung from exposed beams.

Overall, it’s no wonder why more and more couples are choosing country weddings for their big days – these ceremonies offer guests a chance to unplug from everyday life and reconnect with nature, all while also celebrating two people’s love story in a truly remarkable way. Whether you’re hoping for an outdoor event under the stars or an indoor affair filled with rustic vibes, hosting a country wedding ensures your nuptials will be both timeless and unforgettable!

Using the Right Invitations to Make Your Country Wedding Special

What exactly is a country wedding? A country wedding uses rustic, natural elements like wood, floral accents, and twinkle lights to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of peace and beauty. Many couples choose to host their weddings in this style, whether at a barn or a charming outdoor venue, because they want something different than traditional ceremonies without sacrificing quality and elegance.

How to Select the Best Rustic Country Wedding Invitations

When it comes to selecting invitations for your special day, there are many options that reflect a country themed celebration.

The following five points will give you a better understanding of what you need to know about hosting a country wedding and selecting the appropriate invite template to make it special.

  • Sunflower Print – Add sunflowers to any plain white background—you could also use daisies or other classic flower prints if sunflowers aren’t quite right for you and your partner’s theme!
  • Burlap and lace – For an earthy yet elegant look, use burlap fabric with delicate lace trim on your invitation cards.
  • Floral Wreath – If you want to incorporate nature into your stationery design, consider having beautifully printed watercolor flowers arranged in a wreath around the text of your invitation card.
  • Mason Jar – When used on invitation cards, an image of mason jars filled with wildflowers creates a sweet countryside feel, appealing to more laid-back couples who want something simple but still stylish.
  • Woodgrain Background – Bring the outdoors in by using woodgrain-style backgrounds behind your text on invitations; this element adds character and charm to any wedding reception announcement card.

An intimate wedding in the countryside can be an unforgettable occasion packed with priceless recollections that will last a lifetime. Through meticulous preparation, careful attention to detail, and thoughtful selection of decorations, you will be able to pull off a one-of-a-kind event that not only honors love but also celebrates all things “country” from the very beginning to the very end.

When selecting invitations, it is important to think about not only how they will relate to the overall aesthetic of the ceremony in terms of how they will fit in, but also how they will relate to each other in terms of how they will relate to each other in terms of color palette or even texture choices – these decisions will help ensure that everything looks perfect together! Now that you’ve read this article and taken notes, you’re ready to start looking for lovely invitations for your wedding.


There are many reasons why I love the rustic style. For one, it has a unique and charming look that can make any wedding feel warm and inviting. It also has a cozy, comfortable charm that makes it perfect for a Summer wedding. Additionally, a rustic theme is often very affordable, since it uses natural motifs that are easy to find and usually don’t cost much.

But most of all I love rustic because it is so versatile and can be adapted to fit any taste or preference. It doesn’t matter if you want an outdoor rustic ceremony or a charming barn themed wedding, there is a rustic style on to fit your needs.

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