Greenery Themed Wedding Invitations

Greenery wedding invitations are stationery designs featuring natural elements of plants and foliage for an elegant and modern wedding celebration.

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Greenery Wedding Invitations: Choose the Perfect Design to Suit Your Style

A greenery wedding invitation is the ideal way to add a splash of natural beauty to any wedding. These design template combine modern design with elegant foliage and include playful elements such as plants and leaves in vibrant green shades. Each invitation, from simple and classic to bold and eye-catching, will add a cheerful touch to your special day. You can create a beautiful natural atmosphere for your guests even before they arrive at your wedding venue with these one-of-a-kind invitations! Greenery themed wedding invitations will let your guests know that your wedding will be full of magical moments.

Couples seeking a natural and organic atmosphere for their wedding often opt for greenery invitations. With various themes to choose from, there’s a design that suits every couple’s style, whether it be bohemian watercolors or elegant gold leaf accents. However, choosing the right type of paper can also make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your stationery. In the following, we’ll explore different greenery wedding invitation themes and paper types to help you create the perfect invite.

Beautiful Themes for Greenery-Themed Invitations

Bold and Beautiful Emerald

Emerald green is an excellent choice for couples who want a bold and regal color scheme. The Emerald Greenery All In One Wedding, The Wedding Of, and Casual Wedding invitations are perfect choices for this theme. These designs feature stunning green foliage and elegant fonts that create a sense of sophistication.

Bohemian Watercolor

For those who prefer a bohemian aesthetic, the LANA Bohemian Watercolor Greenery Wedding template is an excellent choice. Featuring watercolor leaves in shades of green, this design evokes feelings of whimsy and freedom.

Rustic Eucalyptus Leaves

The Elegant Greenery Eucalyptus Leaves Rustic Wedding invite is perfect for rustic weddings with an organic feel. This design features eucalyptus leaves and minimalist typography that creates a clean yet natural look.

Luxurious Gold Leaf

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your wedding stationery, the Gold Eucalyptus Wedding Wreath Greenery Moss Sages and Greenery and Gold Leaf Square Wedding invitations are both excellent options. These designs incorporate gold leaf accents with lush green foliage for an opulent look.

Garden-Inspired Wreath

Finally, the Wildflower Garden Wreath Greenery Wedding template is perfect for garden-inspired weddings. This design features delicate watercolor flowers in shades of green, pink, and yellow arranged in a wreath around elegant typography.

Types of Paper for Greenery Wedding Invites

Choosing the right type of paper is an essential aspect of creating invitations that match your wedding theme. Here are some popular options to consider:

Standard Paper

The standard paper is a classic choice that’s economical and ideal for basic needs. Mohawk Fine Papers offers Matte paper with an eggshell texture and natural feel that’s easy to write on and won’t smudge.

Premium Paper

If you want your invitations to have a luxurious finish, premium paper types are an excellent choice. Fedrigoni offers Metallic Silver and Pearl Shimmer papers imported from Italy with Silky satin textures, shimmer finishes, and FSC certification.

Signature Paper

Signature papers set a high bar with their most durable and versatile materials. Mohawk Fine Papers offer felt Ecru, Columned, and Felt White papers produced in the USA. The Signature Felt Ecru is slightly rustic with finesse fine art similar to high-quality watercolor paper. A warm creamy hue complements this velvet-to-the-touch textured paper. The Signature Columned’s timeless horizontal column texture lends sophistication that sets the tone for formal events crafted from sustainable cotton-blend materials.

Semi-Gloss Paper

Semi-Gloss is our most versatile and economical paper type; it produces crisp vibrant images with exceptional color detail—a solid choice for printing needs like Fedrigoni standard semi-gloss bright white finish with 50% recycled content.

Create Your Perfect Greenery Invitation Design

To create an organic and natural ambiance for their special day, many couples choose greenery wedding invitations. With various themes to choose from such as bold emerald greenery, bohemian watercolors, rustic eucalyptus leaves, luxurious gold leaf accents, and garden-inspired wreaths. However, choosing the right type of paper is also crucial in creating a cohesive look. Standard papers are economical and ideal for basic needs like Mohawk Fine Papers Matte paper. Premium papers like Fedrigoni’s Metallic Silver and Pearl Shimmer offer luxurious textures with shimmer finishes. Signature papers like Mohawk Fine Papers felt Ecru, Columned, and Felt White offer premium textures with ecological materials that set a high bar with their durability and versatility. Choose the perfect stationery suite to suit your style for your special day.

Greenery wedding invitations are a popular choice for couples who want to incorporate nature-inspired elements into their wedding. However, there are other wedding themes that can be beautifully complemented by greenery invitations. Whether you prefer a rustic, bohemian, or modern aesthetic, incorporating greenery into your invitations can add a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your special day. Here are some other wedding themes that work well with greenery wedding invitations:

Rustic Wedding:

Rustic weddings often take place in outdoor settings such as gardens, barns, or vineyards. They embrace the beauty of nature and incorporate organic elements into every aspect of the celebration. When it comes to rustic-themed weddings, greenery wedding invitations perfectly capture the essence of this theme. You can opt for invitations adorned with delicate vines and leaves or choose designs featuring wreaths or garlands.

Bohemian Wedding:

Bohemian weddings, also known as boho-chic weddings, celebrate free-spiritedness and individuality. They are characterized by a relaxed and unconventional vibe with an emphasis on natural elements and earthy tones. Greenery wedding invitations beautifully complement this theme by adding an organic touch to your stationery suite. Consider opting for botanical illustrations or watercolor designs featuring lush foliage to create an enchanting boho ambiance.

Garden Wedding:

Garden weddings are perfect for couples who love the outdoors and want to exchange vows surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery. Your choice of invitation plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your garden-themed celebration. Greenery wedding invitations set against a backdrop of soft pastel colors can reflect the romantic atmosphere of a garden wedding. Incorporate floral motifs alongside green foliage to evoke the feeling of being in a beautiful garden.

Modern Minimalist Wedding:

For couples who prefer a clean and contemporary aesthetic, a modern minimalist wedding is the way to go. This style focuses on simplicity, sleek designs, and a neutral color palette. Greenery wedding invitations can add an element of freshness and natural beauty to this minimalist look. Opt for simple yet elegant designs that feature minimalistic botanical elements or pair greenery accents with crisp white backgrounds for a modern touch.

Vintage Wedding:

If you are planning a vintage-inspired wedding with antique decor and timeless charm, greenery wedding invitations can perfectly complement your theme. Choose invitations that incorporate vintage-inspired patterns such as lace, damask, or intricate borders alongside greenery motifs. This combination creates a beautiful juxtaposition between old-world elegance and natural elements.

Incorporating greenery into your wedding invitations can elevate the overall aesthetic of your special day. Whether you choose a rustic, bohemian, garden, modern minimalist, or vintage theme, greenery invitations can beautifully tie together the natural elements and ambiance of your chosen style. Greenery wedding invitations go beyond just being visually appealing—they provide an opportunity to enhance the overall theme and ambiance of your special day. From rustic weddings to modern minimalist celebrations, incorporating greenery into your invitation design can seamlessly tie together various themes while adding an elegant touch of nature’s beauty. Whether you opt for delicate vines or bold botanical illustrations, let your greenery-themed invitations set the tone for a memorable celebration surrounded by nature’s charm.

Inviting family and friends to a wedding is a significant milestone in a couple’s life. A lovely stationery theme sets the tone for what guests can expect on the happy couple’s special day and reflects their personalities. Greenery wedding invitations are one option for modern couples who want to create elegant wedding stationery using natural elements like plants and foliage. Here are some pros and cons of greenery wedding invites to help you decide if this is the right choice for your upcoming nuptials.


  1. Greenery-themed invitations are stunning when printed on high-quality paper products, adding sophistication and elegance to any event.
  2. They are versatile enough to fit any color scheme or theme, eliminating the need for mismatched designs from different vendors.
  3. Greenery-themed invites can be designed as part of a larger suite that includes save-the-dates, thank you cards, escort cards, and so on, ensuring a consistent look throughout the event planning process.
  4. The addition of greenery at home to an otherwise flat invitation design adds depth and texture, making it stand out from other styles and themes.


  1. Because these invitations feature detailed illustrations with multiple colors, they are typically more expensive than other options on the market.
  2. Because trends come and go quickly in today’s world, greenery themed designs may become outdated after a while – meaning guests may receive invites that feel dated before they even arrive at your event!

The Advantages of Having a Greenery Wedding: An Inspiring Style Guide

Do you want to throw an unforgettable wedding? Consider a greenery-inspired event instead of a traditional one. A greenery wedding is sure to please all of your guests with its lush, natural feel and fresh take on classic styles! What exactly is a greenery wedding? And how can you ensure that your invitations are appropriate for this theme? In the following paragraphs about hosting a greenery wedding and selecting the right invitations, we’ll answer these questions and more.

Choosing the Best Wedding Invitations for a Greenery Theme

Greenery invitations are a popular choice for couples looking to create a timeless and elegant design for their wedding on Love♥Rustic. The combination of lush green foliage and modern calligraphy exudes sophistication, making it ideal for any occasion. Greenery invitations can also be personalized with monograms, initials, or custom artwork to make them one-of-a-kind. Furthermore, they provide a natural feel that highlights the beauty of nature in the background of your special day. Greenery invitations, as a result, provide couples with a sophisticated way to express their love and welcome guests to their wedding.

The use of nature-inspired decor, such as plants, herbs, flowers, trees, branches, and mosses in shades ranging from light green to deep forest tones, characterizes a greenery wedding. This style of decorating creates an airy atmosphere that transports your guests to another world filled with beauty and serenity. Think beyond traditional ivory paper when designing a greenery wedding invitation suite; try incorporating materials like woodgrain or kraft paper with modern calligraphy fonts to capture the organic mood of the day. Here are some suggestions for a greenery-themed event:

  • Hand-Lettered Scripts
    • These lovely scripts look particularly lovely when printed on kraft paper or vellum envelopes.
  • Floral Prints
    • Use floral prints with leaves or foliage motifs as accents on your invitation suites to add pops of color and subtle hints of green.
  • Woodgrain Elements
    • Incorporate rustic vibes into your designs by incorporating woodgrain textures to give your invites an earthy touch while remaining modern.
  • Watercolor Painting
    • Make your event even more memorable by selecting watercolor artwork created specifically for your event, which can include anything from floral to birds to trees and more!
  • Monograms & Logos
    • Display any existing logos or monograms you’ve created for other aspects of the wedding (such as website graphics) on the matching save-the-dates and invitations as well!

Choosing unique invitations that reflect both style preferences while remaining true to the overall design scheme can help ensure that no detail is overlooked on your big day – after all, they serve as great keepsakes for years to come! When designing custom pieces for friends and family members, embrace greens in every shade imaginable, from soft mint hues to bold emerald tones! Throughout the planning process, it will create an effortless yet sophisticated aesthetic.

If you’re on the fence about having a greener themed wedding, remember that there’s nothing wrong with embracing nature’s beauty! Who doesn’t adore lush foliage and stunning blooms? Whether it’s used subtly throughout décor or prominently as part of ceremony arches or cake table displays, capturing this trend in its purest form may be just what you need to make your wedding truly unforgettable!

How to Use Greenery on Your Wedding Day

Incorporating greenery into your wedding decorations is an excellent way to add rustic charm and natural beauty to your special day. For good reason, this popular style has become synonymous with modern weddings. Greenery can be used in a variety of ways to create stunning décor that reflects your personal taste, from lush garlands to simple centerpieces and accents.

Greenery in your décor doesn’t have to be overpowering; subtle use of plants can make all the difference without overpowering other elements.

A few eucalyptus sprigs added to each centerpiece or draped over chairs creates an elegant yet natural look. Consider placing potted trees or shrubbery along the aisle of an outdoor ceremony for guests to enjoy as they arrive.

Greenery also works well when combined with other components of design, such as paper goods and floral arrangements. For a timeless look, try combining a dark green garland with white flower arrangements, for instance. There is a wide variety of invitations to choose from that feature designs of leaves, ranging from simple watercolor wreaths to intricate laser cutouts; any one of these options is certain to leave an impression on your guests.

Suggestions for Wedding Invitations with a Related Flora and Fauna Theme

Related invitation themes like woodgrain and ombré provide equally lovely alternatives for those who prefer something other than traditional greens while still retaining that natural touch. For those who prefer something other than traditional greens, Woodgrain stationery, for example, adds warmth and texture while creating a pleasing contrast against light colors; ombre invitations feature shades ranging from deep olive hues to lighter sage tones, which help create an airy atmosphere that is suitable for any occasion. Woodgrain stationery is just one example.

Greenery lends an air of effortless elegance and rejuvenation to any event, regardless of whether you opt for pieces that make a bold statement or accents that are more subtle. Through the thoughtful selection of materials and design elements such as paper goods and florals, incorporating this style into your wedding day will undoubtedly leave enduring memories that everyone can enjoy. These memories will be a testament to the care and attention you put into planning your big day.

From lush garlands paired with floral arrangements to muted sprigs of eucalyptus draped over chairs, greenery is an excellent way to achieve both rustic charm and natural beauty on your wedding day. Furthermore, alternative invitation themes such as woodgrain and ombré provide equally lovely alternatives to traditional invitation designs.

Using this popular trend with careful consideration of materials and design elements will ensure that your special day is even more memorable!


There are many reasons why I love the rustic style. For one, it has a unique and charming look that can make any wedding feel warm and inviting. It also has a cozy, comfortable charm that makes it perfect for a Summer wedding. Additionally, a rustic theme is often very affordable, since it uses natural motifs that are easy to find and usually don’t cost much.

But most of all I love rustic because it is so versatile and can be adapted to fit any taste or preference. It doesn’t matter if you want an outdoor rustic ceremony or a charming barn themed wedding, there is a rustic style on to fit your needs.

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